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Lowest prices on Green Hardwood Timber

Whether you require hardwood timber for construction sites or back fences at your suburban property, ranch fencing for horses or timber for a shack, boxing or a farm shed, Barbers can have it cut and ready for you in just a couple of days.

We can supply orders for just a few fence pieces right through to a semitrailer load full.  For larger jobs we will quote on an individual basis, saving you even more on an already low price. Green timber is the fresh timber - which shrinks a little bit and has a rough finish but if you have a  purpose where you can utilise it, you will save yourself a whole lot of money.  Green hardwood is also a lot stronger than pine, which makes is more suitable for heavy duty use in transport, such as decks for truck floats, and for bridge timber and farm buildings where strength is more important than appearance. 

Supplying manufacturers and retailers with the finest Tasmanian timber. 

All our logs are supplied from 100% sustainable forestry practices.

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